About Dierks Photo

I haven't always been a photographer. Although I did shoot with a little green plastic Brownie box camera back in junior high many moons ago, using good old 126 black and white film, the interest didn't last. It wasn't until my forties that photography came back into my life with an old Minolta film camera and literally a sack of lenses that was causally bought used and very cheap. Something a lot stronger concerning photography clicked into place after that, and it naturally coupled with some image-seeking wanderlust stemming from being lifelong rambler.

One thing led to another, as they say. To this point, I've made a full time living as a shooter well into the second decade. Through thick and thin, this thankfully continues and has brought people and experiences into my life that I never would have had otherwise.

 Much of the effort has gone into creating and selling fine art both here online and at many large outdoor summer art shows across the eastern US every summer. Thankfully, I've been able to sell thousands of prints from my booth on the art show streets. The unseen other side of what I do has been licensing images of all types into publication around the world through stock photography agencies. You've probably already seen some of my work many times in magazines, advertising, or websites and never realized it.

 You will see many subjects throughout here. There is a lot of width to what has been photographed and likely always will be; people often find it surprising. This is a wide world. There is a lot that interests me and calls the eye. Even after being totally immersed in photography for many years, all aspects of image making still fascinate and photography itself is a very, very wide situation. One overarching aspect to enjoy and ponder is that photography is both art and technical skill combined.

 I've always loved the land especially where I live and that was what motivated me to start shooting again in my forties; I was after landscape and nature. I still do photograph those things and what you may find here most from the natural realm is water, anything to do with water. It is common to all of us and draws us, especially this guy with a camera.

 I have had a lifelong interest in history that emerges photographically as nostalgia images of all kinds. They can be about rough-edged industrial decay gathered through urban exploration, artistic renders of relics in a junkyard, or all the way to a weathered country church door with a plain porcelain doorknob. It's all about what once was and what is rooted through most people living here in one way or another. They are things of an America that isn't anymore, yet they remain forever American.

 Horse and man naturally go together and always have for tens of thousands of years. Once horses get under your skin, they never leave. There's always a spot saved in your soul just for them after that, and I still get a strong rush from the smell of horses and hay just by walking into a barn. That sensation was firmly cemented after working for a boarding barn that held up to twenty horses at times. I was close-in with them every day and profoundly discovered that horses are exactly like people, no more, no less. No need to wonder why horse and man are so perfectly paired.

 I've loved trains since I was a very young kid, so it's no surprise they were the very first thing I went to find with that little green plastic Brownie box camera years ago. Given half a chance, heck yah, I'll photograph about anything railroad, but it's usually historical railroad things.

 Those are the major categories, but there are further scatterings of this and that. Hopefully, you'll enjoy the trip through the images displayed here. It's about about the art, but there is a secret hidden underpinning: it is also a trip through my life. Thanks for being here, and glad to share a little of it with you...